Solutions – Using Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) to Drive Business Benefit

Organisations which derive most benefit from their investment in developing or upgrading their GRC systems are those which use the event as a launch pad to review their business and the business needs of GRC, and the supporting systems, procedures and processes. They look at the periodic examination of GRC arrangements as a driver for a review of a more general business ‘status’ and an opportunity, rather than an administrative chore. An opportunity to leverage the investment in GRC for the wider benefit of the business. The alternative approach to GRC - ‘do what is only absolutely necessary’ approach - is most often personified as a patchwork quilt of tasks which gets overlaid with, rather than replaced by, new tasks as requirements change, and very soon becomes a significant , unnecessary and unwieldy system that is neither efficient nor in many cases, effective in managing and mitigating the impacts of business risk and compliance.

  • CAMSoft looks at GRC as an opportunity for our clients. We believe that an effective GRC solution needs to built on solid foundations – discrete, defined tasks to be performed by named staff, directed at fulfilling and assuring specific GRC requirements have been met.
  • CAMSoft uses its property experts to evaluate the organization’s current GRC status – scope (legal, regulatory, best practice); coverage (functional risk assessments); and the existence, completeness and currency of supporting documentation – e.g. policies and procedures, used as the basis for its compliance efforts or asbestos management plans.
  • CAMSoft experts also author or upgrade documentation and or GRC processes to ensure that they meet the standards required, and provide independent audit and validation support to confirm that the procedures are being applied as designed and documented.
  • Efficiency is a great driver of our initial reviews. Our experts are very often able to suggest alternative more efficient ways of performing risk assessments or compliance tasks, and more often than not, identify redundant tasks.
  • In addition to expert consulting services CAMSoft is able to draw upon an extensive library of risk and compliance data – assessments, compliance tasks, controls, etc. We use this to help clients design the tasks and controls needed to meet current GRC requirements, and plug any gaps, weaknesses or failures.
  • When clients have met their GRC requirements fully, including for many mostly through manual methods, CAMSoft is able to help clients maintain compliance through purpose built property-related risk and compliance management software, and to automate the GRC efforts so far as possible.
  • Finally, for those clients who for example might not be large enough to sustain the level of in-house expertise in the vast array of compliance areas. CAMSoft offers an outsourced GRC Management service which, by using the web based software can be managed remotely by the CAMSoft team.