We at CAMSoft recognize that addressing your compliance challenges requires more than just offering products, however relevant and useful they might seem to be. To ensure that the implementation of CAMSoft is quick and simple, and the use of it a rewarding experience we have put together what we see to be the right combination of people, process, and technology. We have engaged people who have relevant expertise in this area – engineers, health and safety practitioners, and compliance experts. They have developed the underlying methodology for CAMeRA and working closely with our IT team, who have designed and implemented compliance software in other sectors, developed the CAMeRA application.

CAMeRA is a new application, not a repurposed software customized from another genre. It was designed specifically to meet the challenges of property related compliance management. All the members of our senior team are practitioners who have client side experience to draw upon. Their simple goal is to help you understand your compliance challenges and the options and opportunities you in addressing them. We achieve this goal by providing you with not only a state of the art compliance software solution, but also a comprehensive set of related education, consulting and support services for you to choose from as your particular needs dictate. From initial compliance evaluation to strategic transformation, CAMSoft aims to deliver the highest levels of excellence — enabling you to secure and maintain compliance in an effective and efficient manner.

Customer Needs

The scale and complexity of compliance automation, especially where there are multiple legal and regulatory mandates, continues to challenge many of today’s organisations. For those who are thinking about investing in compliance automation for the first time, there are real concerns and uncertainties about the current level of compliance - whether what is being done currently meets and the documentation demonstrates that they meet the required standards; and, given the number of people involved in compliance from senior management through operational staff to third party contractors, how to automate the compliance program. The two most common questions are “Exactly what else do we need to do?” and “How are we going to do it?” For those who have already started the compliance automation programmes, managing their programme’s ongoing effectiveness, in the light of constant change is a top priority.

The CAMSoft team and its consulting partners have subject matter experts who can review your compliance challenges and needs against a proven Compliance Solutions Maturity Model for your sector, and can assist you in developing strategies, and compliance and governance procedures for legal, regulatory, and best practice requirements. They can also implement solutions to automate your compliance processes in order to sustain and continuously improve the performance of your enterprise, and ultimately, CAMSoft can manage your compliance function under contract if required.

Accelerating ROI

CAMSoft is developing a new implementation methodology that dramatically accelerates the time within which customers receive the full benefit of compliance automation. Using sector templates, and drawing on detailed expert content as required, we can, in many cases, have a client up and running in a couple of weeks, with full implementation completed in a month.

CAMSoft’s new implementation methodology results from two key factors:

  • CAMSoft’s Experience. With years of focused, hands-on, Big-4 experience in consulting, compliance and risk management, and of large scale property management, CAMSoft's principals have a clear understanding of the issues in implementing compliance mandates in the UK and internationally, at government and private sector bodies of all sizes and levels of maturity. We know how to help clients face these challenges.
  • Enabling Technology. Technology is we believe a key enabler in engaging the many staff involved in compliance in a transparent and effective way. Making connections between compliance requirements and responsible staff, and providing a mechanism for confirming and managing compliance activities is a critical success factor.

Service Offerings

CAMSoft's service offerings consist of:

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