Risk and Compliance Management with CAMSoft

CAMSoft’s CAMeRA (property compliance management) and CoRAS (risk management) software solutions reduces the cost, complexity and cumbersome nature of complying with numerous legal and regulatory mandates on risk and compliance. CAMSoft’s solutions automate the ongoing test, review, and attestation and remediation process. Executive-level decision support – in the form of interactive dashboards and customisable reports – provide Asset Management and other Chief Officers the confidence that risk is being effectively managed and compliance is achieved and maintained at the standards required.

The Property Risk & Compliance Challenges

In today’s highly regulated business environment, organisations are required to comply with a multitude of legal and regulatory mandates, from government, the EU, regulators, and national and international standards setters (e.g. ISO or BSI) and professional bodies. Regardless of the scope of an organisation’s risk & compliance environment, similarities between different regulations create overlapping management, documentation and inspection audit demands, which can overwhelm efforts to effectively identify and manage compliance risk and lead to additional costs.

Risk & compliance management is a complex and difficult problem that can be made more efficient and manageable through rationalisation, standardisation & automation. CAMSoft’s solutions help organisations structure their approach to each of the functional areas, and provide a platform to enable an efficient, consistent and effective approach to monitor and manage risk.

CAMSoft Solutions

The CAMSoft solutions serve as the foundation for enterprise-wide property risk & compliance through its ability to unite an organisation’s risk & compliance initiatives into a single management system. With risk & compliance requirements covering all business areas e.g. Fire, Water, Gas, Electricity, Asbestos, Health & Safety etc, the CAMSoft solutions provide a modular and integrated approach to risk & compliance, enabling organisations to:

  • Manage risk and compliance across a multiple of different functional regulations
  • Understand the interdependencies between processes, risks and controls that are shared across departments, business units and geographies
  • Implement a unified and simplified approach to managing risk to reduce redundancy
  • Minimise complexity and maximize efficiency

The well-governed business understands and controls business operations better, resulting in better performance. With CAMSoft solutions, organisations become the well-governed business, fundamentally improving the way they operate, perform and are valued.

The Benefits of Using CAMSoft Solutions
  • Ease-of Set up & Use
  • Hosted and SaaS Options
  • Fast roll out & easy to train staff to use
  • Scaleable - small to large organisations
  • Role-based applications to customise workflow to client needs
  • Multi functional areas within the same application
  • Embeds standardised processes for efficient and more assured coverage
  • Continuous monitoring and status transparency
CAMSoft Products

CAMSoft is the leading alternative for property compliance management. The model embeds CAMSoft’s best-of-breed technologies together with expert content contributions from the Frankham property experts to produce a top quality software product.

Our goal is to not only provide an offering but to surpass other commercial offerings in terms of features, functionality and benefits to the user community. CAMeRA is built by a team of leading technologists from Oracle®, Fox Technologies, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.