CoRAS Risk Management


Product Capabilities

Product Capabilities

CoRAS Product Overview

CAMSoft CoRAS is a property risk management software solution that reduces the cost, complexity and cumbersome nature of executing various types of risk assessments, inspections, reviews, audits etc in several functional areas. CoRAS automates the scheduling of specific risk assessments (standard Checklists) by period, location and assigns them to named staff/contractors with the responsibility to carry them out. Being a role-based application, it enables an in-built quality assurance (QA) process by requiring completed risk assessments to be signed off by nominated supervisors, including at successive levels determined locally by client circumstances. CAMeRA also automates the remediation process by capturing those Issues signed off automatically within Corrective Actions. CoRAS provides executive-level decision support - in the form of continuous monitoring through customisable reporting - Report Wizard and My Reports, and drill-through pie chart dashboards to provide Property and Chief Compliance Officers with the ongoing data and knowledge on current risk status, by functional area, location, etc and progress on remediating identified Issues

CoRAS Key Product Features
  • Easy to Access - non intrusive , web/browser-based application
  • Platform Agnostic - Microsoft , Linux or other
  • Enterprise-wide risk, multi functional platform - CoRAS can be easily switched, on-screen, between different risk areas e.g. FRA, Asbestos, DDA, Health & Safety etc
  • Scalable Solution - from smallest local to largest organisations
  • Role-based application - customisable roles determine access rights and workflow
  • Flexible assessments - single or multi dimensional risk scoring
  • Automated solution - efficient and effective scheduling of FRAs, Inspections and Reviews by email
  • "Closed Loop" System - Post set-up the Program e.g. FRAs is either planned, in progress, or completed and passed or if failed, Significant Issues found in Remediation
  • Excel macro data capture option - capture data offline in CoRAS excel macro templates and upload into CoRAS - 'One-Click'
  • Continuous Monitoring - records always reflect the latest data input
  • Configurable Reporting - Report Wizard to configure and save report templates in MY Reports
  • Ease of Roll-Out - minimum training required as Users screens are based on their Role and role dictates 'need to see' functionalities/data
  • Document repository - attach reports, pictures, plans, drawings etc within CoRAS or link via URL