Product Capabilities

All organisations with large property portfolio are faced with the challenge of meeting legal and regulatory compliance requirements, from government legislation, the EU, regulators, and national and international standards setters (e.g.ISO or BSI) and professional bodies. To address the challenges, organisations must have a robust software solution to meet the range of compliance needs.

CAMSoft CAMeRA gives you a convenient, reliable and easy to use platform to manage your property compliance needs. The following are the product capabilities.

  • Web based non-intrusive application - only requires browser access
  • Soft coded - configurable locally by non-technical staff
  • Multi-Level organisation structure model configurable locally
  • Role-based application sets individual user rights
  • Pre-loaded with Compliance Structures for the "Big 7" Compliance areas
  • Pre-loaded with detailed compliance content - tasks required for "Big 7" Compliance
  • Document repository for policies & procedures
  • Plan / schedule compliance for whole period and automate
  • Automate task assignments - email to named users / periodic task frequencies
  • Ability to assign tasks by specific site / location / asset as required
  • Personal scorecards for users with only current tasks showm
  • Configurable sign-off hierarchy to assure quality
  • Automated remediation issue recording at sign off
  • Continuous monitoring to provide current status on compliance at any point in time
  • Extensive reporting capabilities - Report Wizard and Drill Down Dashboards