The case for compliance......

In today's highly regulated business environment, organisations are required to comply with a multitude of legal and regulatory mandates, including privacy, sector-specific and process regulations. Regardless of the scope of an organisation's compliance environment, similarities across regulations create overlapping management, documentation and audit demands, which can overwhelm efforts to effectively identify and manage compliance risk. Of course, where there are legal requirements for compliance, there should be no issue - it has to be done. However, for many organisations, demonstrating that they are managing compliance has become an area of increased focus as a result of the Corporate Manslaughter Act which came into effect in April 2008.

Under the Corporate Manslaughter Act, an organisation to which this section applies is guilty of an offence if the way in which its activities are managed or organised causes a persons death, and amounts to a gross breach of a relevant duty of care owed by the organisation to the deceased. An organisation is guilty of an offence under this section only if the way in which its activities are managed or organised by its senior management is a substantial element in the breach. In relation to an organisation, Senior Management means the persons who play significant roles in the making of decisions about how the whole or a substantial part of its activities are to be managed or organised, or the actual managing or organising of the whole or a substantial part of those activities.

Key Product Features

  • Non intrusive, web based application - only internet access and passwords required for access
  • Easily configurable, structured and coherent compliance frameworks edited by clients to suit local circumstances
  • Customisable compliance content embedded down to task level for the "Big 7" compliance areas
  • Role-based application configurable locally to control "see and touch" rights
  • Document repository for policies and procedures - attachments or URL links
  • Automated task assignment and periodic refresh to named users/roles to embed responsibility and accountability
  • Personal Scorecards for users involved in compliance tasks or review and sign off
  • Ability to assign tasks to site, location, individual asset level
  • Includes function for assigning time budgets to tasks and recording time taken
  • Audit function - Change History Reports
  • Continuous monitoring and data presented in iterative Reports /Management Dashboards

Product Overview

    CAMSoft CAMeRA is a property compliance management software solution that reduces the cost, complexity and cumbersome nature of complying with numerous legal and regulatory mandates. CAMeRA automates the scheduling of compliance tasks and the assignment to staff/contractors of the compliance tasks required in order to determine compliance. Being a role-based application, it enables an in-built quality assurance (QA) process by requiring completed tasks to be signed off by nominated supervisors at successive levels determined locally by client circumstances. CAMeRA also automates the remediation process by capturing those tasks signed off as "Fail", again to standards determined locally. CAMeRA provides executive-level decision support - in the form of continuous monitoring through interactive dashboards and reports to provide Property and Chief Compliance Officers with the ongoing data and knowledge on current compliance status and progress on correcting identified exposures.

    Determine and Manage Compliance Activity - Policy and Procedures Manager (PPM)

    CAMSoft CAMeRA allows clients to define exactly what they will be complying with and how. In the PPM module, the Framework, Sections and Areas structure creates the base which identifies all of the compliance areas to be covered in logical groupings - functional or legal. At Area level, the Policy adopted by the client, and the supporting Procedures can be attached as documents or URL links. CAMeRA also enables this base documentation to be periodically assessed by named responsible officers and reported upon in terms of documentation completeness, up-to-date status and whether operationally the procedures are being operated to the standards required

    Define and Assign Compliance Tasks - Compliance Manager (CM)

    The PM module enables clients to define exactly

    • what tasks they will perform within each Area
    • at what Standard
    • at what time/frequency
    • who will perform the task(s)
    • how the tasks performance will be assessed/evaluated (against Standards)
    • how the task results will be validated / signed-off

    The PM module enables the task assignment process to be automated - scheduling out a whole period, and embeds the respective roles, responsibilities and accountabilities around the organisation.

    CAMeRA also now includes embedded tasks for each of the "Big 7" areas - fire, water, gas, electricity, asbestos, health & safety and environment. These were developed by the respective functional/sector experts and can be edited locally.

    Continuous Monitoring and Reporting

    CAMeRA is a continuous monitoring application - the scores/screens get updated as tasks get completed and signed-off. This enables the current status of compliance to be seen at any point in time through standard Reports, drill-down dashboards or a unique Report Wizard where a user can configure a specific report by selecting fields to include from a series of filters.