Partners Overview

Leverage Mutual Success through CAMSoft Partner Program

Our customers leverage our leading-edge technology to fully realise the value of their property assets by reducing exposure through managing compliance more effectively. We also recognize the vital role our partners play, not only with our customers' success, but in our success as well. That's why the CAMSoft partner program is aimed at developing strategic alliances with the leading consultants and software vendors across the entire business and IT spectrum. We embrace all types of partners that architect, integrate, implement, develop, maintain, and manage the systems that enable customers to maximize the value of their mission-critical compliance applications and property asset compliance.

Our partners realise significant benefits through their association with CAMSoft, such as:

  • Increased revenue potential by creating new revenue stream business areas
  • Increased market opportunities by offering an end-to end solution using leading-edge technology
  • Expanded consulting services opportunities around compliance and business process improvement and automated controls and compliance
  • Customisation, integration and implementation opportunities for IT partners installing CAMeRA
  • Access to extensive domain expertise in CAMSoft CAMeRA
  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives

Join the CAMSoft Partnership Program

At every level, you can rely on CAMSoft for support in the form of technology leadership, marketing, sales, technical services, training, and certification opportunities. Please send us an email describing your interest in working with CAMSoft and we'll respond once we've reviewed your information carefully. We look forward to learning more about you.

Use our Partner locator to find a partner to assist you in the evaluation, selection and deployment of a customized CAMSoft Solution.