About CAMSoft

CAMSoft™ specializes in property-related risk and compliance management software.

Founded in 2008, CAMSoft is a merger of experience and expertise in property consulting, risk and compliance management, and state of the art technology driven compliance solutions.

Unlike many other compliance management tools, our risk and compliance models can be applied quickly, easily and effectively across the organisation to drive transparency in risk and compliance requirements, allied to individual responsibilities for discharging them. The result is clarity at any point in time – the ability for both management and operational compliance staff to see where the organisation sits in terms of the plethora of risk & compliance requirements it must meet, where there are shortfalls – gaps, weaknesses or risk or compliance failures - and what needs to be done to remediate them. Whether your challenge is legal or regulatory compliance, compliance with best practice or local policies, CAMSoft™ gives you the ongoing knowledge required to make the decisions that help you to become and stay compliant.

CAMSoft provides best-of-breed property risk and compliance management functionality built on a proven, unified engine that includes all of the critical variables for insightful decision-making. CAMeRA™ (compliance) and CoRAS (Risk) are modular software products which include management reporting and analysis capabilities in a Report Wizard and the main integrated modules:


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